Moroccan Solid Blue Color – 68

$9.00 / Square Feet

Size is 8 x 8 inch

Consumer Business
less than 1000 SF 7000 SF - 14000 SF
Shipping cost 7$ / SF Free international shipping

5% Discount

1000 SF - 7000 SF more than 14000 SF
Free international shipping

3% Discount

Free international shipping

10% Discount

All payments are via wire transfer from account bank of the customer to our company account bank.

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Payments :

  • Minimum Order 30 Square Feet.
  • Production and shipping is less than 5 weeks.
  • Suitable for all residential floors & walls, including kitchens, bathrooms, pool, backsplash, fireplace and countertops, indoor and outdoor in wet and dry areas.
  • Customized colors with the same price.


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Moroccan Solid Blue Color

We are producing a high-quality Moroccan Tiles & Moroccan Mosaic collection of Zellige, handmade by our Professional craftsmen in our Moroccan tiles factory in Fez city. In addition, Our handcraft is amazingly special and made using the top quality tools & materials. Also, You can order by individual pieces of mosaic or a wholesale of mosaic.
We provide high-quality, Moroccan tiles in various shapes, sizes, colors. And you can also recommend any style or design for a customized Moroccan Zellige only for you.

Dimensions 4 × 4 cm