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The Moroccan tiles or Zellige are becoming popular & a trendy style between experts & designers . It’s a great choice for people who admire the art & the beautiful works . The Moroccan floor tiles have a strange allure that captivates the attention of many people because of their vivid colors, Islamic designs, the good craftsmanship, and their artistic style & geometrical patterns. The stunning Moroccan floor tiles offer a unique touch & sensation to your space where they are placed . The talented artists are marrying methods and technics . Inherited from generation to generation with the new ones, for an exquisite flawless result of Floor Zellige . If you are planning to remodel your home, Moroccan tiles factory presents to you the highly gorgeous floor Zellige , are rich with colors, & adorned with charming geometrical patterns and richly motifs, will enhance the beauty & energize any space. You can use the Moroccan floor Zellige in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, home entrances, stairs . You can also use the floor Zellige outdoor like in gardens, courtyards. It’s an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor home décor to impress & reveal to your guests your enchanting artistic taste. We offer you the high-quality and durable floor tiles . We sell Moroccan floor tiles with a measure of 30cm/30cm . However , customers can recommend any size they desire for a customized floor tile only for you. Moroccan floor tiles are the best choice to completely change your home atmosphere & add to it the mesmerizing Moroccan flair, glamor & ambiance. Don’t hesitate & connect with us and get your own Moroccan floor tiles that will fascinate you and your visitors. And we assure that you receive your Moroccan floor tiles fast and in better condition . With our trusted shipping companies (CONTAINERS, DHL, FEDEX, Post, etc.)