Moroccan Cement Border Yellow & Purple – 57

$9.00 / Linear Feet

Size is 4 x 4 inch

Consumer Business
less than 1000 SF 7000 SF - 14000 SF
Shipping cost 7$ / SF Free international shipping

5% Discount

1000 SF - 7000 SF more than 14000 SF
Free international shipping

3% Discount

Free international shipping

10% Discount

All payments are via wire transfer from account bank of the customer to our company account bank.

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Payments :

  • Minimum Order 30 Square Feet.
  • Production and shipping is less than 5 weeks.
  • Suitable for all residential floors & walls, including kitchens, bathrooms, pool, backsplash, fireplace and countertops, indoor and outdoor in wet and dry areas.
  • Customized colors with the same price.


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these beautiful borders in red, white, yellow and coral, made from squares and vertical lining, can be accented in walls and floors of just used as borders.


  • High-quality cement tiles for wall and floor tiling.
  • Glazed cement floor tile with a matte or glossy finish and substantial designs & colors.
  • suitable for residential floors including kitchens, bathroom, bedroom, fireplace, backsplash,garden,
  • halls, corridors, balconies, terraces, and other areas used as footwear indoors and outdoors in wet and dry areas.
  • High durability & water resistance.
Dimensions 7 cm