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Moroccan tile is versatile used for bathrooms, kitchens and wherever you desire. Moroccan tiles or Zellige are made in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and also textures. In addition, is suitable for the different distances inside and outside the house.
Arabic art is also evident in the many Moroccan fountains. And you can see that throughout all the Moroccan cities like Fes and Marrakech. As water represents life, There was a special care for the ornamentation of wet environments.We are providing various vibrant colors, shapes, and sizes; all of them are handmade with great accuracy by the best artisans of Morocco. Mosaic or Cement Zellige are handmade with clay or cement tiles adorned with intricate geometric patterns, bright colors. Besides, cement tiles have many names and manufacturing techniques. most known as patterned tiles or decorative tiles.
Invite the charm and the allure of the Moroccan flair by injecting the Moroccan tiles to your bathroom, and get a unique sensation of warmth, relaxation, and timeless elegance.
You can use in your Bathroom Tiles, the Moroccan Mosaic tiles or the Moroccan Cement tiles, you can choose the Mosaic Tiles and Cement Tiles, shaped in beautiful squares, with glaze colors, or the Moroccan Mosaic/Cement border tiles that are highly charming and with artistic and geometric patterns, or the Moroccan Mosaic/Cement tile patterns in various colors, styles and motifs.