Moroccan Tiles Factory’s Clearance Tiles

Moroccan Tiles Factory is always bringing up the best of what they got, the most elegant and trendy collections of high-quality handmade tiles. The latest home decor and interior design ideas, so you’d always have the up to date tile goods to choose from. Now, the clearance we have is serving a purpose, but it doesn’t mean that the tiles that are put on clearance are old or useless. Some tile designs, they never go old-fashioned, on the contrary, the older they get, the highest their prices get, just like win!
But in order to encourage the costumes to purchase our tiles with the lowest cost and great discounts, we have the clearance. Also to make room for the upcoming collections.
Although these tiles are on clearance, they still stylish and of high quality. which means you can still use them to tile your home and create featured walls and floor in your kitchen, bedroom, living area, doorway bathroom, or the hallway. Explore our clearance tiles and choose from there. Tiles Products

How to use our Clearance Tiles

You can use our clearance tiles to change the dull look of any place in your home, for instance you can use them on the fireplace, and they would be an elegant addition to your room, Instead of the rusty brick or the painted edges full of cinder. They are quite easy to clean and resist the heat of the fire.
Another use of our clearance tiles is on your kitchen’s walls and floors or on the splash back.
Use them to change old damaged tiles on the walls or on the floor at the edges of the countertop, or you can be creative and create a stylish new splash back! That stands behind your sink or cooker, and if it catches any stains, a damp sponge is enough to clean it up, so easily, and at the same time, it’s protecting the wall behind.
remodel your walls and floors and create a striking flair by using our patterned or colorful Clearance tiles, for a space that catches the eye, and make your room look elegant and sophisticated, with their glazed finish they match any kind of interior design.
A stylish way to change the look of a bathroom is to install some new tiles on the walls and floors. They’re captivating and add a cozy feel to it, besides they are easier to clean and to maintain. Among our clearance collections, you shall find a lot of versatile patterns and colors to choose from.